From Smart Cities to Social Cities - Smart Cities at the Service of Social Good


Artificial intelligence has the potential to help improving many aspects of the daily life. In this context, making cities smarter is the challenge of the new era, which brings together aspects of computer sciences, physics, operations research, management science, decision sciences, economics and the social sciences. With the large amount of data available from diverse sources and the advance in technology, new opportunities to address the fundamental (and perhaps social) problems of cities, citizens and society arise. But this is not an individual effort. The more cities that are working toward the greater good, the more prosperous cities and citizens will be as a whole. In this talk we will explore how the data harnessed from cities can be applied to the social good. Then, we will focus on good practices for developing our solutions.

Antonela Tommasel

Antonela Tommasel

Professor, Tufts University, USA

Dr Antonela Tommasel is a member of the ISISTAN Research Institute (CONICET-UNICEN) from Argentina since 2011. She is an assistant researcher at CONICET and a teacher assistant at the UNICEN University from Argentina. She received her Bachelor in Software Engineering at UNICEN University in November 2012, and a PhD in Computer Science degree at the same institution in December 2017. Her research interests include recommender systems, text mining, social media, social computing, misinformation spread, machine learning and its applications to software engineering processes. She has authored several publications on topics related to recommendations in social media, community detection, feature selection and software dependency prediction.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
4:00 PM (KSA Time)
Organized by:
Women in Data Science (WIDS) Dhahran