R&D in Clean Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

R&D in Clean Energy: Challenges and Opportunities
IMG - R&D in Clean Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

One of the main objectives of the KSA Vision 2030 is to create a sustainable economy by diversifying investments and increasing utilization of renewable "clean" energy resources through the King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative. This is part of the future KSA "clean energy mix", which will significantly increase renewable generation, radically change energy networks, and introduce intelligent information and communication infrastructures. Among the renewable energy sources, PV generation is naturally the most attractive option on the KSA. Moreover, increasing requirements for decarbonizing and improving efficiency of energy supply will particularly impact the future KSA electricity network. Hence, there is a crucial necessity for more reliable, sustainable, and clean energy systems and resources.

Therefore, this forum addresses an extremely important aspect of securing clean and efficient energy supply. The Forum will bring together leading academics, scientists, researchers, experts from industry to present their views on the needs and possibilities of conducting state-of the-art research in energy sector. The discussions during the forum will help in understanding the current and future challenges of clean energy technologies and will enable the participants to plan the advanced and interdisciplinary research and development projects that would directly help the energy sector.

Session 1

- Dr. Ali Al-Shaikhi (Session Chair)
- Dr. Muhammad Al-Saggaf (Welcome Address)
- Mr. Ahmad Al Khowaiter Presentation
- Dr. Bob Maughon Presentation

Session 2

- Prof. Mohamed Deriche (Session Chair)
- Prof. Martin Green Presentation
- Prof. Akhtar Kalam Presentation
- Prof. Fausto Pedro García Márquez Presentation

Session 3

- Prof. Shamshad Ahmed (Session Chair)
- Prof. Mohammad Nazeeruddin Presentation
- Prof. Fahad Al-Sulaiman Presentation
- Prof. Fahhad AlHarbi Presentation
- Prof. Ibrahim Dincer
- Prof. Mike McGehee

STEM 2020 Speakers
Monday, December 14, 2020
08:15 AM - 04:30 PM (KSA Time GMT+3)
Jointly Organized by:
- College of Engineering
- KFUPM Institute for knowledge Exchange (KIKX)
- IEEE - Saudi Arabia Section
- M.Eng Sustainable and Renewable Engergy
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