Hybrid Radio Over Fiber Wireless Networks

Integration Optical and Wireless Technologies for Next-generation Infrastructure
Hybrid Radio Over Fiber Wireless Networks
IMG - Hybrid Radio Over Fiber Wireless Networks

This talk highlights various techniques for the optical generation of MMW signals and subsequent distribution utilizing the current C-band (1550 nm) wavelength band operations. In particular, the utilization of energy-efficient InAs/InP-based quantum-dash (Qdash) nanostructure-based semiconductor laser-based transmitters will be discussed. This waveguide-based laser has demonstrated a rule-changing broad multiwavelength lasing spectrum, thanks to the inherent wavelength-tunable broad gain profile offered by the Qdash active-gain region coverring C- and L- band regions. The capability of this energy-efficient optical source in the C-band, and very recently, in the L-band (1600 nm) challenging window by our group, in achieving green optical and 5G wireless communication, will also be underlined since extending the wavelength operation window beyond C-band is under consideration for next generation optical networks.

Mohammed Khan

Dr. Mohammed Khan

Associate Professor - EE Department


Tuesday - November 9, 2021
1:10 PM (KSA Time GMT+3)
Building 59 - Room 2015
Organized by:
Electrical Engineering Department