Aircraft Performance Program (APP), SharkCAD-AeroPack and FlightStream Introduction and Demonstration

Aircraft Performance Program (APP), SharkCAD-AeroPack and FlightStream Introduction and Demonstration
IMG - Aircraft Performance Program (APP), SharkCAD-AeroPack and FlightStream Introduction and Demonstration
About this Event

The Aircraft Performance Program APP is a specialized software for aircraft performance analysis. APP computes the complete range of aircraft performance parameters over a user-specified range of altitudes, speeds and other variables. The software provides evaluates functions for the examination of a wide variety of data and the capability to compute and optimize all kind of mission profiles based on defined mission specifications. The types of mission flight phases are suitable for civil as well as military aircraft. FlightStream is a subsonic, viscous, surface-vorticity panel-method flow solver using a unique surface vorticity, flow-separation & viscous analysis capability for the emerging distributed-electric propulsion, unmanned-aerial-systems aircraft and the Urban Air Mobility/eVTOL industry. It is trikes the proper balance between modeling fidelity and computational tractability. The result is a unique, integrated, robust, modular aeropropulsive and aeroacoustic analysis. SharkCAD Pro is professional robust 3D modeling software with capabilities allow users to easily render airplane prototypes and anything else that requires high-end visuals. AeroPack is a collection of unique drawing tools created specifically for airplane design to model airplane components in 3D with a matter of clicks. The Import Airplane tool allows users to import geometry from Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA).

Max Yang

Mr. Max Yang

Senior Aerospace Engineer (APP & SharkCAD Pro-AP)


Mr. Yang is a design consulting engineer and an aerodynamics expert. He is an expert in the use of STAR-CCM+, Simulation CFD and MathCAD. He has developed aerodynamic loads for multiple General Aviation airplanes and multiple large airplane modifications. Mr. Yang is also expert in the use of LabVIEW and wind tunnel testing. He has conducted many tests including scaled aircraft to validate aircraft flight characteristics. He has also performed detailed aerodynamic analyses on both vertical and horizontal axis wind turbine. Mr. Yang is a senior member of AIAA and reviewer for Journal of Aircraft.

Presentation Title: Introduction and Demonstration-Aircraft Performance Program (APP), SharkCAD-AeroPack

Vivek Ahuja

Dr. Vivek Ahuja

CEO & Co-founder of Research in Flight (FlightStream)


Dr. Vivek Ahuja is the CEO and co-founder of Research in Flight, the developer of FlightStream. He holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Auburn University. Dr. Ahuja’s work over the past decade has focused on theoretical and numerical subsonic aerodynamics, with an emphasis towards surface vorticity and its applications to attached and separated flows. Dr. Ahuja has developed many innovations with surface vorticity for high-lift flow and has been in charge of commercializing the FlightStream flow solver for the aerospace industry worldwide. He has authored many technical papers on these topics at conferences and in journals. Dr. Ahuja has held software development positions in the CFD industry and served as the principal investigator on several NASA, DoD and USAF SBIR programs.

Presentation Title: Introduction and Demonstration - FlightStream

Monday - September 19, 2022
6:00 PM (KSA Time GMT+3)
Organized by:
Aerospace Engineering Department - KFUPM