Ultrafast Lasers in Oil and Gas Fields

Ultrafast Lasers in Oil and Gas Fields
IMG - Ultrafast Lasers in Oil and Gas Fields
  • Ultrafast lasers are those lasers that could delivered pico/femtosecond pulse duration, it is well know light source with high power and wide tunable spectral range.
  • Ultrashort scale in time domain open widely a door of "Femtochemistry" field for fast phenomena applications: molecular chemical kinetics and photo dissociation.
  • Delivering the high power pulses leads to several scales of material processing and micro machining.
  • Other applications: Sensing and material processing: Drilling or cleaning which could be useful in oil and gas industry.
  • Examples of sensing application side: gas emission sensing for environmental applications (could be don by CW lasers as well), Dual-comb spectroscopy for online sensing. Distributing sensing is a hot topic in oil and gas industry for acoustic, temperature and strain sensing for material quality inspections.

Wednesday - May 11, 2022
7:00 PM (KSA Time GMT+3)